The CloudBirders API

CloudBirders provides an API to allow third parties to upload birding trip reports via a direct integration. This can for example be used by bird observation sites to provide a trip report publication service towards CloudBirders.

The API basically allows you to submit a new trip report to Cloudbirders using a computer interface, rather than by manually filling out the Submit page. It supports the same input fields as the user form:

Trip reports will be reviewed by the CloudBirders administrators, similar to how the manual upload flow is reviewed today, before being publicly visible on the site.

Getting started

The API is based on SOAP over https.

The WSDL is available here, and message definitions are here.

A set of sample requests is available in a SoapUI project file here.

Before you can get started, drop us an e-mail at so we can provide you with a username and password that has API access.

Technical details

The best place to start from is to look at the sample requests in the aforementioned SoapUI project. Pay close attention to the following:

What to upload

An interesting trip report will typically contain detailed information on logistics, sites, guides, itinerary, travel arrangements, tips on how to find birds, etc etc.
On the other hand, a basic list of observations without any additional useful information will probably be of little interest to the average CloudBirders user.

We recommend to avoid uploading trip reports that offer limited added value to the travelling birder.


Don't hesitate to reach out to us at if you have any questions or if you are having technical difficulties.